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Franz Klammer

Dear friends!

As usual the World Skitest is performed as a blind test in. Each pair of skis is covered with black foil and equipped with a rental binding. In a restricted area on the test area - the so-called changing station - the bindings are set exclusively by the neutral World Skitest service team.
Due to the black skis during testing, the brand preference is eliminated and the evaluation is neutral and objective. After each run, the tester completes a rating sheet. The following points are evaluated on a scale between 1 and 10: long swing turn, short swing turn, edge grip, running smoothness and general effort. From all the collected test sheets, an average is calculated which leads to the final result.
The informative value of the WST is very important: due to the black neutralized skis, the selected and versatile mix of different testers with different skiing skills and requirements towards the tested ski as well as the wide variety of skis.

Please note: The test winners are not always the best ski for everyone!

Have a great time.
Franz Klammer