Touren Men2 - bis 99mm

k Skitour 3A touch of adventure ...

For some a ski tour on the slopes might be something worth striving for, but for most tour skiers, ascending and descending the mountain are the non plus Ultra. This category is dedicated to those. These models are for mountain enthusiasts who like to spend their winter days far away from all pistes in pristine winter wonderland and for those who just start smiling when thinking of an untouched powder slope.

Above all, when ski touring in the terrain, it is important to be well prepared and informed in order to minimize any risks. It is important to follow a decisive rule: NEVER going into the terrain without avalanche equipment! The right and complete equipment can save both your own life as the lives of others. Before each tour, it is extremely important to check the weather conditions and the avalanche warning levels. If all factors are right, nothing no longer stands in the way for an unforgettable skitour.

In the category "Men 2" we detailed present the terrain specialists among the touring skis. With a 92-99 mm center width, these skis have a similar shape as the classic all-round models. But the comparatively low weight (up to 3,000 grams without binding) makes them to stand out from the all-rounders and this is what makes them so special. These models probably do not bring the same performance while descending as a real powder ski, but they will make each ski tour a lot easier and more worthwhile.

Target group: The mountain goats among the touring people

The touring skis were tested by :
Hannes Loipold, Andreas Kimeswenger, Florian Köfer, Werner Kitzbichler, Josef Kabusch, Gerhard Winter, Lukas Hörnler, Udo Kröll, Gilbert Orzetek, Helmut Breitfuß, Klaus Kabusch, Helmut Hörnler …