Touren LADIES 2018/19

k Skitour 2Just relax, stay sportive and enjoy the mountain

More and more ladies are enjoying to go for alpine skitouring. Wonderful, white and often untouched winter landscapes give a feeling of freedom and even more if one can then pull their own individual turns into the mountain slopes, enthusiastic nature lovers feel like in a skier's heaven. Then - the often exhausting climbs - are immediately forgotten.

Despite all this enjoyment the safety factor should not be ignored when skitouring. In addition to the right choice of equipment - touring ski, ski boots, binding, climbing skins, crampons, sticks, helmet, touring backpack including avalanche equipment (shovel and peep), first aid kit, sufficient clothing, gloves .... it is also important to pay special attention to the current avalanche situation, the weather and other hazards in and off the terrain. The right equipment and preparation ensures unforgettable ski tours. When preparing the ski touring equipment it is important that it is tailored to one´s personal needs.

In the touring ski ladies category, models with a center width of 82 - 88 mm were tested, which have a maximum weight of 2,600 grams without binding.
Some of the tour skis really convinced our testers. The surprising fact is insofar as these models are rather built "uphill oriented". Due to their extremely low weight one would think that the performance must suffer. But that´s wrong thinking because our testers appreciated every single ski in this category and awarded only "very good" and "excellent".

These models are suitable for any kind of ski tour and are very good on the slopes, as well as on the terrain. It is not necessary to buy four different skis for four different types of snow. These models are very variable. They are fun in deep, normal snow and on the slopes.

Target group: Ski tourers who do not want to compromise between uphill and downhill

The Touring ski were tested:
Melanie Mandler, Evelyn Raich, Eva Britzmann, Katrin Dorfer, Angelika Oberrauter, .Elke Geisberger, Auguste Eder, Marie-Kristin Kranabether, Andrea Kabusch, Marion Hauschitz, Ulrike Peitler …