Touringski Men1 2022/23

Florian KferThe versatile touring models...
Middle width 83-88 mm

The models in the Touring Men 1 category are suitable for skiers who love versatility and variety. These skis with a width upto 83 - 88 mm are ideal as well for longer as shorter ski tours, on and off the slopes, they will impress with their all-round qualities. Therefore, these skis are often used as second skis, for example in combination with a somewhat more aggressive racer model
Thanks to their light weight, they are the perfect partner for short leisurely tours, but also ideal for longer tours even at heigh altitude.

Sammellogo Trail Region und Heidialm
On the Falkert in Carinthia the touring models for winter 2022/23 were tested, both on their qualities while ascending and descending as well as the handling of the skins.
With ski-touring, good planning is half the battle. The right preparation and equipment are essential for great and unforgettable tours. Therefore, it is worth wile to plan the routes well in advance, observing the weather conditions and assessing the avalanche danger. Above all, one should never leave the ski area without a fully packed avalanche backpack (functioning avalanche transceiver, avalanche shovel and probe).

Target group: Tourers who prefer easy ascending’s and of course the corresponding downhill performance

*Price Information Ski alone, without skin and binding

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