Touringski Ladies 2022/23

Florian KferEscape the daily stress and enjoy nature ....
Middle width 83 – 88 mm

Fantastic sunshine, warm temperatures, under these astonishing circumstances the WorldSkitest touring ski test was carried out at the Falkert, a very popular site on the Carinthian Nockberge Trail.
Our testers really worked up and out while testing the 13 touring models. With a width of 80 - 85 mm, the lightweights in the “Touring Ladies” category are suitable for almost any type of ski tour.
The low weight enables to ascend easily and makes fun to ski long and short tours on or off the slopes without using a lot of effort.

Sammellogo Trail Region und Heidialm
For a perfect ski touring day, not only the conditions but also the equipment must be right. With good preparation, such as inquiries about the avalanche situation, weather forecasts, tour planning ..., the risk on the mountain is significantly reduced. The right equipment includes climbing skins, crampons, sticks, helmet, touring backpack - including avalanche equipment (shovel, probe and beeper), first aid kit, sufficient clothing and gloves ... these things are essential. If "lady woman" is not sure whether the conditions are safe, then a ski tour near the slopes is always a good option.

Target group: Ladies who do not want to compromise between ascending and descending

*Price Information Ski alone, without skin and binding

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