Touringski Men2 2021/22

Florian KferEscape everyday´s stress ...
Middle width 88 - 95 mm

For many people it is a must from now and then to escape everyday´s stress and hectic. So what could be more suitable than an extended ski tour away from the ski slopes and the crowds.

This is where the models of the touring ski 2 category come into play, they are perfect for excursions off-the slopes. Due to their low weight, long climbs are no problem and their construction with a center width of 88 - 95 mm enables safe descents on untracked slopes in different snow conditions. The models are light, but still stable and offer optimal power transmission.

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Especially when it comes to ski tours into the open terrain, it is important to be prepared really well in order to minimize any risks. The conditions on the mountain are extreme, variable and can quickly become dangerous. Your own safety as well as the safety of your fellow human beings on the mountain must be an issue for every winter sports enthusiast. There is one crucial rule to be observed: NEVER go into the terrain without avalanche equipment! Find out in advance about the weather and snow conditions - if a weather change is to be expected, what will the avalanche situation look like ...
In addition to an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe, an avalanche backpack is essential. If you are well prepared for all eventualities in the open terrain, the day on the mountain can really be enjoyed.
Targetgroup: mountain goats and freeriders among the touring people

*Price Information Ski alone, without skin and binding 

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