Touringski Men1 2021/22

Florian KferThese models are in vogue ...
Middle width 80-88 mm

The touring skis in the Men 1 category with a medium width of 80 to 88 mm are suitable for most touring skiers and cover a wide range of applications. They are suitable both for pleasure tourers who want to spend a few nice hours in nature, as well as for ambitious amateur athletes who really want to work out. Thanks to their light weight, they are also reliable partners for long tours with many altitude meters.

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These category 1 touring skis models are also usable as normal piste skis. With their medium width, they are´nt only pure pleasure skiing off the slopes, but as they can be easily edged, they also are perfectly on groomed slopes. That is why they are often used as second ski besides a highly sporty model by passionate skiers - who only go on a ski tour now and then.

Target group: Touring skiers who prefer an easy ascending

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