Freeride upto 100 - 2022/23

k BHP9180The all-rounder for every day on the terrain
Unfortunately, we don’t get fresh snow or also called “powder” every day. It would be nice to find every day a never-ending, untracked slope, but reality often catches up with us and we find ourselves in a cracked crust, dream slope or, according to various weather platforms, in "30 cm of fresh snow", which turns out more to be only 5 cm. But what to do with these conditions? Driving home and waiting for the day of days? Of course, not – after all, with the right material, there are no bad weather conditions. If looking for a model that is appropriate on and off the slopes under all snow conditions? Then you ‘re right here!

With a medium width of 90-100 millimeters, these models are far away of being big mountain ski slats. These are the all-round models for the terrain. These skis are not only suitable for fast runs, where a slope will be cut in only three turns, but also a classic "wedler" from the old school get their money's worth. The width of these models is so designed that there is always enough buoyancy to enjoy deep snow. So, these are the freeriders who will never disappoint in the terrain but are also competitive on the slope.
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Of course, the question arises as to how best to test this variability. Our solution to this is that all skis are ridden by all our testers both in terrain and on the slope. For each model, you complete one ride in the terrain and immediately afterwards one on the slope to get a comprehensive impression of the respective ski. Then it is evaluated, and it is the next model's turn. One ride per ski is not much, but this is the only way to prevent the tester from adapting to the material.

The final scores of the tested freeriders consist of the average ratings of the individual results for slope and terrain and give a general overview of how the models performed in comparison.

This year's results show what a great job the ski industry is doing. For the reader to be able to correctly assess these results, it is important to know that the result "very good" describes a ski that is really very good to ski. So, the models deserve to be skied and enjoyed across the board.

Targetgroup: Fans of the terrain and slopes
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