Freeride over 100 - 2022/23

Florian KferOur terrain specialists

Standing in front of an untracked slope, taking a closer look at the terrain and planning to conquer the 100 meters in only three swing turns. You want to float above the powder snow and feel yourself sink deep into the snow - at least as deep as you want. If you have such thoughts, then you should take a close look at the next category. It's fair to say that real "big mountain" skis start at a medium width of around 110 millimeters. While even wider models may be better suited for the above-mentioned scenario, even on free slopes, the following models can also show their strengths elsewhere.
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They are absolute off-slope specialists who will give you maximum pleasure on a muddy (for the younger readers - slushy) slope at the end of March, but they can be used off the slopes in all conditions. Whether in deep, perfect powder, sparse forest, or narrow, steep gullies - these models are skied by tough, adrenaline-dependent professionals as well as by relaxed mountaineers who are happy when the ski forgives one or the other mistake and makes the descent easier.

As can be guested above, it would make little sense to test these models on the slopes. That's why our testers have a predetermined area in which they can choose their own curves. However, as in all other categories in the WorldSkitest the same applies here - one run per ski must be enough and so the first impression counts.

Analyzing the results, it is immediately apparent that the competition is overall very strong, and all the ratings are very close. There are no real outliers. That means: the manufacturers have done a really great job in this ski segment and produced perfect skis.
Wenn du also auf der Suche nach einem neuen Begleiter im TERRAIN bist, lies die nächsten Seiten ganz genau und aufmerksam durch. If you are looking for a new companion on and off the terrain, read the following pages very carefully.

Targetgroup: Skiers who 100% love the terrain

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