Touringski Men2 2020/21

Florian KferTouring skis MEN 2
upto 88 - 95 mm

The perfect balance between ascending and descending the terrain

Away from groomed slopes and large crowds you´ll find more and more touring skiers looking for experiences. So the controlled and safe environments are beeing exchanged for variable conditions in the mountains. Experienced mountain lovers know that in order to enjoy the time out on the terrain the best as possible the right material is essential.

For every winter sport enthusiast, safety be the most important factor. Especially for ski touring in the terrain, it is important to be well prepared and informed to minimize any risks. Above all, it is important to follow the rule: NEVER without avalanche equipment! In addition to the avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe, an avalanche backpack is indispensable. If one is well equipped for all eventualities, the day on the mountain really can be enjoyed.

A pleasant ascending is as important as an exciting descending. This is where these MEN 2 models come into the game. With a central width of 88-95 mm, these skis have a similar shape as the classic all-round models. But their comparatively low weight (about 3000 grams) makes them stand out from the allrounders. These models are built to allow long ascendings. The average width and the resulting buoyancy is not comparable to the Big Mountain boards, but still enough to be able to ski fast on any slope. If you are looking for a balanced touring ski for the terrain in this category you will definitely find it.

Targetgroup: mountain goats and freeriders among the touring people

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These are the Touringkis which should be tested at the WorldSkitest 2020/21: