Touringski Men1 2020/21

Florian KferTouring ski MEN 1
upto 80-85 mm

The ski models for all circumstances

Ski Touring is no longer a trend. This is also recognized by the industry so there is a huge offer on a really wide range of touring skis with lots of varieties in skin and binding systems. It´s not everyone´s goal to reach the summit and then to descend as quick and soon as posible. If you like to wedel and admire afterwards the perfectly symmetrical curves, you really should take a close look at the skis in this category.

The extremely low weight and rather narrow middle width allow pleasurable ascending. Due to the medium width up to a maximum of 85 mm, crossings and hard-to-go skins pose no problem. Also, the skiing characteristics of these models should not be underestimated. Through years of further development, the perfect balance between lightweight construction and performance has been found.

They are suitable for tourers who want to spend a relaxing morning, as well as for ambitious amateurs who regularly reach their limits.The models are ideal for long tours with many altitude meters.

Target group: Touring skiers who prefer an easy ascendingLogoLeiste Gesamt WST Kärnten
These are the Touringkis which should be tested at the WorldSkitest 2020/21: