Touringski Ladies 2020/21

Florian KferTouringski LADIES 2020/21

The perfect ski for unforgettable tours

White winter days, snow-covered slopes or untouched terrain magically attract sporty ladies. To beat the rewarding feeling after a hard ascending tour with a well deserved descending is often hard. Not only the conditions also the equipment must be suitable for the perfect day of skiing. With a good preparation regarding the external circumstances, such as inquiries about the avalanche situation, weather forecasts, trip planning, the risk on the mountain will be significantly minimized. The right equipment includes: climbing skins, crampons, poles, helmet, touring backpack - including avalanche equipment (shovel, probe and peep), first aid kit, sufficient clothing and gloves , all these are essential. If "one" is not sure if the conditions are safe, a ski tour on the slopes is always a good option.

The models in the "Ladies" category are suitable for the slopes as well as for the terrain with their medium width of 82 - 88 mm.

Target group: Ladies who do not want to compromise between ascending and descending

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These are the Touring skis which should be tested at the WorldSkitest 2020/21: