Race GS 2020/21

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The GS models are still the most popular models for enthusiastic and athletic to highly athletic skiers.
The giant slalom category is still one of the most popular categories for slope fans.
The ultimate of these models is drawing perfect, extended swing turns in the snow. These skis are characterized by their enormous stability and very quiet running smoothness and so provide the necessary sense of security when skiing in the upper and highest speed range. The GS skis also demands a lot of energy effort from their skiers. This ski is not appropriate for beginners and less experienced skiers. These models require a high degree of skill and condition.
If one likes to sniff the racing air then he’s well advised with these models.

Target group: athletic and high-sportive skiers, racers

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These are the GS skis which should be tested at the WorldSkitest 2020/21: