Men High Performance 2020/21

28WorldSkitest skionlineplCiszakKlimekHigh-quality all-rounders that guarantee skiing pleasure!
Versatile, sporty and technically sophisticated!

The perfect mix of slalom and giant slalom results in the versatile high-performance ski, which is primarily active on perfectly groomed slopes. Therefore, no wonder that in recent years, these models have become more and more known and popular among sportive to highly athletic skiers. This category is ideal for those who feel the slalom ski to be too aggressive, the giant ski to fast and the all-round ski too cozy. Precise short swing turns are just as easy to draw in the snow, as long turns in the upper speed range.
These skis combine sportiness, perfection and lots of fun. Thanks to this versatility, they are the perfect alternative to the more aggressive racing models. Nevertheless, these models assume a certain athleticism and condition to conquer the slopes - whether with long or short swing turns and with decent speed. Like this skiing becomes a real treat for the whole day.

Target Group: Sporty to highly athletic snow skiers

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These are the Men High Performance skis which should be tested at the WorldSkitest 2020/21: