Men Allround 2020/21

28WorldSkitest skionlineplCiszakKlimekVersatile, forgiving pleasure carvers

The All-round models are perfect for casual skiers, beginners or hobby skiers, who enjoy to ski with pleasure and having fun - without getting tired legs. Thanks to their attractive price, they are also perfect as a second ski for skiing days, where one wants to ski at ease and comfortable.
The characteristics of these models are somewhat underestimated, they are true all-rounders.
They are easy to turn, convey a high degree of safety, are light-weighted and therefore enormously energy -saving.
Although technical sophistication is not the top priority in this category, these sporty skis offer maximum comfort, stability and perfect running smoothness.
A respectable aspect for this category is his attractive price.

Target group: Beginners and recreational skiers
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These are the Men Allround skis which should be tested at the WorldSkitest 2020/21: