Ladies High Performance 2020/21

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The "Ladies High Performance" category is recommended for ladies who like to ski sportier, faster and love tougher slopes. These high performers are true all-rounders and best described with the following characteristics: sporty, with the associated feel-good factor, easy to rotate, very stable and balanced. They are less aggressive than the slalom and giant slalom carvers, but still require a certain amount of physical fitness and sporting skills.

Sporty and high-sportive ladies will be delighted with the high performance models. With these technically sophisticated models, swing turns in the medium to upper speed range can be skied effortlessy. Other strengths are stability and precision. Thanks to their rather light weight they also save the strength reserves of the skiers. It’s no wonder that these high performers are gaining in popularity.

Target group: sporty and highly athletic skiers
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These are the Ladies High Performance skis which should be tested at the WorldSkitest 2020/21: