Ladies Allround 2020/21

43WorldSkitest skionlineplCiszakKlimekThe lightweights and pleasure skies among the ladies skis

Beginner or not having that much practice on the slopes?
You’re an amateur skier and just want to relax and enjoy conquering the slopes? The all-round models are perfect skis for beginners or so called comfort skis and thanks to their attractive price-performance ratio - they are also apropiate as a second ski for athletic skiers. These lady carvers are more defensive as other models, generally easier to control and very power saving. Despite their very lightweight they possess the necessary stability to ensure safe skiing fun at a medium speed range. In addition to fun and enjoyment, design and price are critical features. Especially optically these skis can be more playful and colorful. Here there are no limits for the ski designers.

Target group: pleasure skiers, beginners
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These are the Ladies Allround skis which should be tested at the WorldSkitest 2020/21: