Freeride upto 100 - 2020/21

Florian KferThe skis for „Wedler“, freeriders and slope skiers

On the mountain not every day is the same. The weather is one of the biggest factor for those who want to make their curves in the winter snow. Often you can only dream of perfect powder slopes and sunshine. That's why you need a ski that gives the best in all conditions. And this is where the skis from our category "Freeride under 100" come into the game.

With a medium width of 90-100 millimeters, these skis are the all-round models for the terrain. These skis can be used for fast runs, where a slope is cut in three by three swing turns, but also the classic "Wedler" of the old school comes to it´s expense here. The medium width of these models is just as high that there is always sufficient buovancy to enjoy really deep snow. So these are models that never disappoint in the terrain. These qualities give this skies the ability to be absolutely competitive on the slope.

Targetgroup: Fans of the terrain and slopes
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These are the Freeride skis which should be tested at the WorldSkitest 2020/21: