Freeride over 100 - 2020/21

Florian Kfer

Our specialists on the terrain - for dreamful skiing days

If you are looking for a ski for the day, when the powder snow reaches far above your knees, you should take a close look at the models in this category.

A medium width of 105-150 millimeters is definitely sufficient to give enough buovancy. These models are the absolute terrain specialists.

At the WorldSkitest FreeerideSkitest these models were tested only on the free terrain.

If you are interested in buying a ski just for the terrain you must have a close look at the following models.

Above all, when skiing in the terrain, it is important to be well prepared and informed in order to minimize any risks. It is important to follow a decisive rule: NEVER going into the terrain without avalanche equipment! The right and complete equipment can save both your own life as the lives of others. Before each tour, it is extremely important to check the weather conditions and the avalanche warning levels. If all factors are right, nothing no longer stands in the way for an unforgettable ski day.

Targetgroup: Skiers who 100% love the terrain

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These are the Freeride skis which should be tested at the WorldSkitest 2020/21: