Elan Amphibio Black Edition

Elan Amphibio Black Edition

Tester´s Opinion

Manufacturer´s opinion:
The "Elan Amphibio Black Edition" is equipped with the Amphibio 4D technology. Four-dimensional means rocker on the outer edge for easy turning, camber on the inner edge for maximum edge hold, convex shaped titanium inserts for precise turn initiation before and - concave shaped titanium inserts for harmonious swing diversion - behind the binding.

Tester´s opinion:
The carbon-reinforced, jet-black "Elan" makes skiing to an experience. He captivates both with fast, elongated turns, as well as with short slalom swing turns. A certain amount of sportiness and power is needed to fully enjoy the "Amphibio Black Edition".


  • Tested length: 172 cm
  • Radius: 15,7 m
  • Sidecut: 121-73-104
  • Available lengths: 166, 172, 178
  • RRP: € 999,99 incl. binding