Freeride upto 100

Action F1The all-rounder with a strong tendency in the terrain

For the third time the WorldSkitest Freeride Skitest took place in Lech Zürs am Arlberg. This year it was really exciting as we had on both days perfect deep snow conditions. Our testers, who enjoyed spending their time in and on the terrain, had the opportunity to thoroughly test the skis of the 2018/19 season. Despite the lots of snow the mountain railway company groomed the slopes perfectly and so we had ideal conditions for a successful Freeride Skitest. The category "Freeride up to 100", in which models with a middle width of 88-100mm underneath the binding are skied and tested both in the terrain and on the slope. Due to their design and shape, the testers are expecting not only in the terrain but also on the slope the best results of these skis. Our testers will test each model once on the slope and terrain to get a comprehensive impression of the respective ski. Afterwards the ski is evaluated and then the next ski is tested. One test run per ski is not much, but this is the only way to prevent the tester from adapting to the material and like this he/she can properly feel and work the peculiarities of the skis.

The skis presented in this category are considered to be generalists who more likely tend towards the terrain. Whether in deep snow, on firn or frozen snow or on the slopes, with these skis you can have fun everywhere and enjoy long days of skiing.


The final ratings of the tested freeriders are calculated by the averages of the individual results of the slope and terrain testing and give a general overview of how the skis would finish comparing them.

Target group: terrain and slope fans

The Freeriders up to 100 on the slopes and terrain were tested by:
Martin Ascherer, Huber Bernhard, Florian Köfer, Roland Loipold, Martin Depauli, Petra Zeller, Markus Frohnwieser, Gernot Hochsteiner, Michael Kummerer, Stani Wolfgang, Christoph Augusten, Markus Zaversnik, Stefan Ortner …