Freeride over 100

fr120The slats for dreamful skiing days in the terrain

On those days when mother Hulda blesses us with a lot of fresh snow and makes the whole mountain skiable , the broad "slats" appear from nowhere. In the categry "Freeride over 100" skis with a middle width of 105-118mm are tested. These models are absolute specialists for the terrain, because they are built for long, intense, fun days out on the slopes.

This category is only tested in the terrain. Each ski is skied once and evaluated immediately afterwards. Although these models can be fun to ski in springtime in soft conditions on the slopes, it makes little sense to test them there. The fresh snow during our test was perfect for these models and therefore the results are very significant.

Comparing to the last few years of the Freeride test, where we had harder to faster snow conditions, this year we were able to test the broad skis for the first time in their element –and that is the finest powder. The results showed there are no real outliers. All models are very close together and at the end the smallest details make the difference. When buying one of these skis, nothing can go wrong. Each model has its advantages and will make fun in the right wheather conditions.
If you are skiing a lot on the terrain you should never neglect your own and the others safety! It's not just about your own handling or skiing mistakes. An optimal preparation is mandatory! How is the snow situation? Is there a danger of avalanches? Which slopes can be used and which are not? And even when it might come to the worst, the most important is to be well equipped.

For this reason, all of our testers are equipped with avalanche transceivers an backpacks. Like this the safety of our testers was ensured and the test took place without any incidents.

Target group: 100 % Terrain skiers

The reeride-Models over 100 were tested by:
Lorraine Huber, Matthias Mayr, Tine Huber, Ferdinand Alber, Caroline Melmer, Katja Wirth, Daniel Bürkle, Verena Fendl, Lucas Pisoni, Alexander Kubis, Markus Barounig, Roman Kostrov;