OpenSpace 2018/19

OSP ACTIONCool, exclusive and extraordinary

The category "Open Space" is the perfect platform for our partners from the ski industry and exclusive smaller ski facturers to show and present selected rarities to the endusers.
In the "Open Space" different models – starting from high-tech racing skis to relaxing deep powder snow slats - are being tested without rating the category specifications. These skis can not be found in every sports store. The focus is mainly on individuality, innovation, exclusivity and exceptional skiing fun.

The skis are tested by both ladies and gentlemen in their original condition. Due to the hughe differences in the respective models, it was not possible to award ratings because they are simply not comparable one to each other. But therefore the "Open Space" models are not skied less cautiously. They are also examined for their respective qualities. Subsequently, the testers make their recommendations and they are respectively compared with the manufacturer's opinion whether it keeps what it promises.