Men High Performance 2018/19

Action MHPVersatile, sporty and technically sophisticated

In the Men High Performance category, the field of top models is closer to another as ever before, this shows the genius of the engineers in the ski industry. The margin between the winning and all the other skis is extremely narrow. This speaks for the very high quality of this category, which constantly boasts with new sophisticated technical refinements. The perfect mix of slalom and giant slalom results in the versatile high-performance ski, which is primarily active on perfectly groomed slopes. Therefore, no wonder that in recent years, these models have become more and more known and popular among sportive to highly athletic skiers. This category is ideal for those who feel the slalom ski to be too aggressive, the giant ski to fast and the all-round ski too cozy. Precise short swing turns are just as easy to draw in the snow, as long turns in the upper speed range. Also in this category the enduser has the agony of choice.

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Target Group: Sporty to highly athletic snow skiers

The Men High Performance Ski were tested by:
Manfred Pranger, Matthias Lanzinger, Didier Defago, Markus Zaversnik, Peter Gfrerer, Walter Glanznig, Manuel Streiter, Johannes Nußbaumer, Marco Schöpf, Stefan Kurz-Lindner, Matjaz Markic, Roman Kostrov, Akseli Kalela, Manfred Bauer, Gerhard Viehhauser, Diethard Tragbauer, Markus Galli, Mario Pasterk, Michael Gfrerer, Hannes Kantor, Gernot Wallner, Marcus Kaller, Manfred Kendler, Ales Misic, Medja Jaka, Adolf Winkler, Gaber Stravs and many more.