Ladies High Performance 2018/19

Action WST2018AntonPaul 1Ski slope runners for sporty ladies

The Ladies High Performers guarantee skiing pleasure at highest level. You´ll see in the test below that the ski industry is doing a great job - five models in this category were rewarded with an "excellent", the others with a "very good"

These lightweight, technologically advanced models are perfect for athletic upto very athletic female skiers, who like to ski in the high-speed range, but are not looking for an aggressive slalom or giant slalom ski.

Every year these very balanced skis weigh less so that they are now true lightweights. They are lively, easy to turn and like this they´re saving the power reserves.
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As the look is a not to be underestimated by the purchase decision, the ski producers are creating new, interesting and elaborate designs every year. This year, many companies have changed to the elegant black color, in addition shades and light patterns were implemented.

Conclusion: really beautiful models that makes the choice very difficult .

Target group: sporty and highly athletic skiers

The Ladies High Performance skis were tested by:
Nicole Schmidhofer, Eva-Maria Brem, Stephanie Venier, Claudia Strobl, Simone Ogris, Ina Sima, Urska Hrovat, Alexandra Prax, Nora Sölle-Kern, Margit Maier, Chiara Weissensteiner, Susanne Haubenholder, Gundi Kaller, Nina Pranjic, Iwona Cieplinska, Sabrina Huber, Martina Uster, Nicole Unger, Anna Schabus, Maaike Keupink and many more. .