AllMountain 2018/19

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The weather in St. Johann-Alpendorf meant it really good with us and so we had especially on the first day optimal testing conditions. Our testers were enthusiastic about the versatility of the skis in this category and gave consistently good to very good ratings. So it´s obvious, that sports stars like Olympic champion Franz Klammer and many other current and former ski racers love to ski the all-mountain models. They make fun skiing from the morning until evening, without overstraining and unnecessarily abusing the power reserves.
This category became very popular in the past years among non professional skiers and is still increasing rapidly. Thanks to the versatility of these models, they are the perfect partner for almost any condition and are easy to be controlled on icy, firn, deep or powder snow slopes. With these skis one can feel free to conquer the entire mountain for himself.

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Target group: Fans of slopes, off-terrain and powder snow

The All Mountain skis were tested by:
Gernot Wallner, Mario Pasterk, Rupert Thurner, Helga Höllwarth, Peter Pürkner, Ondrej Katz, Helmut Rindler, Ales Misic, Anton Paul, Sabrina Huber, Roman Kostrov, Manfred Brandstätter, Fred Fettner, Jacek Ciszak, Michael Schuen, Ana Pisot, Franz Wielander, Dusan Lukic, Franz-X. Heinrich, Nico Brandstätter, Josef Unterkircher, Eugen Unterkircher, Willi Pontasch, Siggi Kräuter, Hubert Ellmauthaler, Iwona Cieplinska, Gerhard Waltl, Herwig Furlan, Petr Jurik and many more.