Touren LADIES 2019/2020 - 82 - 88 mm

k WST1274The perfect ski for unforgettable tours

Wonderful sunshine and perfect slope conditions made the second edition of the Touringskitest in the Innerkrems, starting point of the Carinthian Nockberg Trail, a special experience for our testers.
Touring skiing is no longer a male domain. White winter days, snow-covered slopes or untouched terrain magically attract both sexes. To beat the rewarding feeling after a hard ascending tour with a well deserved descending is often hard. The Kärntner Nockbergetrail offers a variety of perfect touring posibilities at different levels of difficulty.
Not only the conditions also the equipment must be suitable for the perfect day of skiing. With a good preparation regarding the external circumstances, such as inquiries about the avalanche situation, weather forecasts, trip planning, the risk on the mountain will be significantly minimized. The right equipment includes: climbing skins, crampons, poles, helmet, touring backpack - including avalanche equipment (shovel, probe and peep), first aid kit, sufficient clothing and gloves , all these are essential. If "one" is not sure if the conditions are safe, a ski tour on the slopes is always a good option.

Target group: Ladies who do not want to compromise between ascending and descending

The models in the "Ladies" category are suitable for the slopes as well as for the terrain with their medium width of 82 - 88 mm. Despite the very homogeneous test conditions on our test track in Innerkrems, there were big differences in the ratings. The consistently good to excellent ratings speak for the particularly high quality of the touring skis.

The Touring Ski`s were tested by:
Elke Geisberger, Julia Moser, Marie-Kristin Kranabether, Andrea Kabusch, Astrid Siebert, Eva Jost-Draxl, Hannah Baurecht, Marie Glanznig, Margit Glanznig, Lydia Höher, Monika Gaberschek.