Freeride upto 100 - 95 to 100 mm

Florian KferThe ski for Wedler, freeriders and slope skiers (95 - 100 mm)

On the mountain not every day is the same. This we also could experience at our FreerideSkitest in Kals in East Tyrol. Here, however, the conditions for our test - with fresh snow on the first day and bright sunshine on the second day - could not be better.
The weather is one of the biggest factor for those who want to make their curves in the winter snow. Unlike professional freeriders hardly anyone else has the time to follow the perfect snow. Often you can only dream of perfect powder slopes. That's why you need a ski that gives the best in all conditions. And this is where the skis from our category "Freeride under 100" come into the game.

With a medium width of 95 -100 millimeters, these skis are still far away from the big mountain slats. It is more an all-round model for the terrain. These skis can be used for fast runs, where a slope is cut in three by three swing turns, but also the classic "Wedler" of the old school comes to it´s expense here. The medium width of these models is just as high that there is always sufficient buovancy to enjoy really deep snow. So these are models that never disappoint in the terrain. These qualities give this skies the ability to be absolutely competitive on the slope.

Of course, the question is what is the best way to test this variability. Our solution would be to test all skis, both off-terrain and on-slope. To get a comprehensive impression of every ski our testers should ski once off-terrain per model and then one on the slopes. After evaluating, it´s the turn of the next ski. Of course, one tripp per ski is not much, but this is the only way to prevent the tester from adapting to the material and to correctly feel and work out the peculiarities of the skis.

The endnotes of the tested freeriders consist of the averages of the individual results on track and terrain and give a general overview of how the models could be compared in comparison.

Once the decision is made to buy one of these "freeriders", the upcoming winter will definitely be a treat regardless of the circumstances.

Targetgroup: Fans of the terrain and slopes

The Freeride upto 100 on the slope and in the terrain were tested by:
Vici Rieser, Elke Mooseder, Richard Schneider, Michael Ortner, Philipp Steiner, Niklas Kummerer, Andreas Ritter, Florian Köfer, Patrik Kirchgasser, Roman Rohrmoser, Michael Kummerer, Jacob Kaller, Petra Zeller