Freeride over 100 - 105 to 115 mm

 WST2786Our specialists on the terrain
(105 - 115 mm)

If you are looking for a ski for the day, when the powder snow reaches far above your knees, you should take a close look at the models in this category. If you follow the Freeride World Tour you can only marvel at which speed and calculated risk the skiers are racing down the mountain.

These freeride models are perfect for pulling a line into the pristine deep snow, even at highhest speeds and in extremely steep terrain. A medium width of 105-150 millimeters is definitely sufficient to give enough buovancy. These models are the absolute terrain specialists. So with these skies you only should cross the slopes from the skilift into the open terrain.
Exactly therefore it makes no sense to test these models on the slopes, they were tested only on the free terrain. The skis were tested on our test track in Kals in East Tyrol according our usual test mode, the skis were black neutralized and there was only one trip per model. The skiing level of the testers was like every year excellent and the results are due to the homogeneous conditions - on the first day fresh snow, on the second day of sunshine - very conclusive.

If you are interested in buying a ski just for the terrain you must have a close look at the following models.

Targetgroup: Skiers who 100% love the terrain

The Freeriders were tested by:
Markus Grübler, Thomas Loitz, Jochen Mesle, Nathanael Pradella, Thomas Wohlmannstätter, Martin Depauli, Christoph Egger, Fritz Santner, Matthias Mayr, Christoph Rogl, Tom Gaisbacher, Manfred Mair, Christian Prodinger.