Youth Race GS 2019/20

k WST Jugend Gruppenbild2019The racers for the young skiers …
YOUTH GS 2019/20

As every year the final of the WorldSkitest AlpinSkitest is the Youthskitest. This year, the GS models with a length of 170 cm were tested by students of the New Middle School Feistritz and girls and boys of the Carinthian National Squad. Even on the last day the test conditions on the trough descent slope in Bad Kleinkirchheim were great.
The young people were very eager to the cause and many of the technical discussions on the lift or while filling out the test sheets, were vey similar to the discussions of the adults during the two previous test days.
The technology and design do not differentiate a lot for adult and youth models. In these racers we find many technical features from the World Cup and after all, they are also often used for racing missions soo who does not want to feel like a Marcel Hirscher, Matthias Mayer, Anna Veith or Nici Schmidhofer - just to name a few.
But beware to master these skis optimally, they definitely require skiing skills, strength and endurance. In this category the quality is particularly high, so there were many ratings with an "excellent", many "very good" and "good“.