Race SL 2019/2020

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Sportive and athletic skiers with appropriate skills will have real fun with these Slalomcarvers. Top-edge grip, first-class curving acceleration, astonishing running smoothness at high speed are the characteristics of these models, which are also suited to ski perfectly on the slalom slopes.

But - for these skies one will need a certain amount of sportive skills, strength, endurance because only like this these skis make the expected fun!

In the World Cup Village Bad Kleinkirchheim our testers encountered the best conditions to test and evaluate the latest models of the slalom skis. They were thrilled with the performance of these models and awarded top ratings. Three "excellent" and many, many "very good" speak a clear language. The ski industry is doing it´s outmost best and manages to improve the skis with innovations and new systems.
But - slalom skis are not appropiate for every skier, it requires a realistic self-assessment.

Target group: athletic and highly athletic skiers, racers

The Race SL Ski´s were tested by:
Daniel Danklmaier, Marco Schöpf, Roland Assinger, Jure Kosir, Manfred Pranger, Florian Egger, Marco Urban, Hans Knauss, Christian Spreitzer, Marco Pesek, Wolfgang Stani, Arno Gruber, Simon Kirchgasser, Markus Galli, Friedrich Graf, Gaber Stravs, Peter Marko, Reinhold Wiedergut, Josef Strobl, Jaka Longyka, Harald Sagmeister, Mariusz Boruchinski, Seppi Ebner, Jacek Ciszak, Daniel Hochkofler, Benedikt Willingshofer, Patrick Dolliner, Fritz Strobl, Joachim Weitgasser, Peter Digruber, Ralf Kleinsasser, Ondrej Katz, Vladislav Georgiev, Ales Misic, Carlo Caneppele, Petr Jurik, Josef Unterkircher, Andreas Heide and many more.