OpenSpace 2019/2020

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In the "OpenSpace" category, we offer our partners from the ski industry and smaller ski forges the opportunity to present their ski models - free of category specifications - and have them tested by our testers. The latest technologies, special sidecut or innovative binding systems are presented here. Exclusive models, which are not available in every ski shop, can be found here as well as high-tech racing skis or deep snow sleds.

Due to the diversity of the individual models, they are not comparable, therefore there are no ratings for this category. These skis are tested in their original condition, that means they are the only skis in the change station that are not black neutralized.
The curiosity for new things is definitely beeing satisfied in this category, how often one has the opportunity to savour so many different models or novelties.

This year in the changing station at the Kaiserburgbahn in Bad Kleinkirchheim there were again lots of cool, exclusive and extraordinary skis that were tested with a great commitment. They checked very carefully if the manufacturer's opinion holds what it promises.
Conclusion - the quality is high, the technical sophistication grows from year to year and the consumer has to make the choice.