Men Allround 2019/2020

23WorldSkitest skionlineplCiszakKlimekVersatile, forgiving pleasure carvers

The allround models are the middle class of the ski market with the best price-performance ratio and an enormous range in terms of it´s application areas.

In the allround class, the ski industry strives to combine top skiing characteristics with easy handling. The characteristics of these models are somewhat underestimated, they are true all-rounders. The special advantages of these lightweighted skis are low effort, high level of smoothness and their perfect curving ability. They are the right choice for beginners, occasional skiers and those who prefer enjoyment before performance. Thanks to their attractive price, they are also perfect as a second ski for skiing days, where one wants to ski at ease and comfortable.

The pleasure skiers among our testers in Bad Kleinkirchheim were excited by the presented models and rewarded almost only "very good".

Target Group: beginners, pleasure, athletic skiers

Die Men Allround Ski were tested by:
Reinhold Wiedergut, Mariusz Boruschinski, Stephan Hruby, Michael Schuen, Christoph Brugger, Franz X. Heinrich, Anton Paul, Udo Kröll, Heimo Pesek, Andreas Duller, Johann Gruze, Fred Fettner, Ales Misic, Harald Windisch, Florian Egger, Günter Messner, Tobias Höfer, Nico Langegger, Roman Kostrov and many more.