AllMountain 2019/2020

25WorldSkitest skionlineplCiszakKlimekHaving fun from early in the morning untill late in the evening – on and off the slopes

The AllMountain skis are ideal for more than 50% of the skiers and also for athletic to highly athletic skiers who love variety. Whether off or on the slopes, in deep winter or springy firn snow, on artificial snow as well as on fresh powder snow - with the AllMountain models, skiing fun is guaranteed for both men and women.

Since these skis can be used on the entire mountain, in all snow and slope conditions, also sports stars like Olympic champion Franz Klammer and many other current and former ski racers are very happy with these all-rounders. This category has gained in popularity in recent years and is still growing strongly. This skis definitely provide a touch of freedom and independence.
Our male and female testers were only able to test the AllMountain models on the closed test slopes in Bad Kleinkirchheim, but many testers would have liked to borrow them for a trip away from the test slopes.

Also in this category, the competition is strong and the quality is very high, this can be noticed in the very good and good ratings that were given out by our testers.

Target group: fans of slopes, off-terrain and powder snow

The All Mountain skis were tested by:
Florian Obergruber, Reinhard Wittreich, Roland Pichler, Daniel Hochkofler, Jaka Longyka, Patrick Steger, Pavla Apostolaki, Roman Kostrov, Tomasz Osuchovski, Stefan Sulzbacher, Jaro Gwiadowski, Marco Schöpf, Stephan Hruby, Otmar Gruber, Wodlek Glinka, Katharina Beiser, Agens Fojan , Bernhard Steinwender, Tommy Squipp, Stijn Rabelnik, Martijn Nefkens, Thomas Barzauner, Gerald Steiner and some more.