Ladies Allround 2018/19

homeslideshow17Enjoyable, trendy and colorful
Unbelievable, how high the density of the quality of these skis is. Two "excellent" and eight "very good" speak a very clear language: in this category, the enduser can have its fling and decide draw on the full and decide on brand, design or / and price.

The sporty ambition and skiing around the bars are playing a rather small role in the target group of the All-round models. These skis are ideal for beginners, occasional and pleasure skiers, they are easy to turn, playful and very easy to control. Since the speed is not high, these models always will give a feeling of safety and stability.

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In these female categories, the look plays a significant role, especially in the all-around models, the creativity of the ski industry has no limits. Every trend - regardless of whether rhinestones, bright or feminine colors, patterns and embossing - are being considered and implemented.
Of course, the attractive price is a very powerful selling point.

Target group: pleasure skiers, beginners

The Ladies All-round were tested by:
Stephanie Venier, Claudia Strobl, Katharina Beiser, Elisabeth Kurz-Lindner, Daniela Breitfuß, Michelle Hagleitner, Susanne Haubenhofer, Gundi Kaller, Christina Smolle, Martina Niebler, Iwona Cieplinska, Margit Maier, Sabrina Steinwender, Ingrid Bauer, Urska Hrovat, Metka Lavric, Alexandra Prax, Nora Sölle-Kern, Stephanie Angerer, Barbara Bellovicova and many more.